Here we go again. It’s the season, but not the one we usually think of in a warm and fuzzy way. When you hear (or read) the word, “taxes,” what comes to mind, how do you feel?

For many, it evokes some uncomfortable feelings in their bodies, they may feel a bit depressed at the thought of, “Haven’t I given enough, already?” They might even be thinking about how their tax dollars are being spent. Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Others look forward to getting that refund check in the mail – a celebration. They may have been better off doing a better job of calculating their tax obligation, but it does feel good to get a nice check in the mail. I haven’t had a refund in I can’t remember how long. A refund? What’s a refund? Well, for those who get one, good for them.

Here’s a novel idea – how about the next time you think about taxes, think about how grateful you are to have made so much money that your tax bill is as high as it is. If you didn’t have to pay taxes, it could mean that you didn’t make any money. Now that would be something to get upset about!

Here is to your success!

Well, get on with it!


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