The Power of Language, Part Two

I misquoted Joel Weldon in my March 13 post (now corrected), and I am reminded that making mistakes can be a blessing, if we so choose.

I am embarrassed by having made the mistake, especially given that I had one of Joel Weldon’s famous Cans in my office for many years. I have shared his quote correctly with others so many times, I can’t imagine how I could have written it incorrectly in my original March 13 post, but I did.

What is the blessing? Judy Weldon wrote me to remind me of the correct quote. I will never get it wrong again. You now have the correct quote, and I get to share with you the best, most motivating speaker I have ever heard, Joel Weldon.

To learn more about Joel, click here: “SUCCESS comes in CANS, Not in Cannots!”

I have learned a great deal over the years. I have learned more from my mistakes than I have learned from what I have done correctly. Note I said, “…from what I have done correctly” and did not say, “…from my successes.” I said so because I believe that my mistakes were successes. Since we can learn from our mistakes, success can come from making mistakes.

Our lives are determined by how we deal with what happens in our lives, by how we choose to respond to what others say and do, and by what beliefs, actions, and language we use to define our lives. I choose to believe that there are blessings in everything. I believe that every relationship, no matter how short lived, has value. I believe that life gets better every day.

Well, get on with it!


2 thoughts on “The Power of Language, Part Two

  1. Nothing like a little Humble Pie – Right Karl –

    It is easy to fall – harder to get up – but as long as we continue to get up, the fight is not over.

    Keep up the good work.

    To Your Success,

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