Speaking Out


I have been gone longer than I thought. Time marches on while we’re busy living life, no?

I’ve been doing more speaking engagements these past few months, and I am enjoying them immensely. I like being able to say what I want, to have attendees ask questions, to plant some seeds with my sometimes “out there” ideas, and to see those ideas take form on others’ lives.

In July I spoke about Relationships and Leadership in Business – Beyond the Obvious. I shared some of my ideas as well as documented research. Towards the end of my presentation, I asked the audience to participate in an excersise, to which they somewhat reluctantly agreed. Some were rather skeptical about it, but the excersise was a success – they all participated and many shared their thoughtful observations at the conclusion of the exercise.

I realized it was a total success a few days later when I got a note from the publisher of a local business paper (who had co-sponsored my presentation). He had received a note from an attendee who wanted to thank me for the presentation because she realized how much she had gotten out of the event.

It seemed that one of my “seeds” had sprouted. I was thrilled, and I am still thrilled. The best compliment I can get is knowing that I made a difference to someone.

Bring it on – I want more!



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