A Promise ~ Yes We Can!

Hello All,

I seem to remember writing in another post about being particularly emotional, about not knowing why, but just knowing that tears were on the verge of flowing at any given moment, for seemingly no particular reason.  The past couple weeks have been very emotional, and I do know some of the reasons.  A dear friend with whom I worked for more than 20 years, though many years ago, passed within this time.  My daughter was in an accident (she is fine, thank you), during this time.  My father-in-law, whom I have known my entire life, passed during this time.  My mother is having an important, serious procedure.  I opened my new practice, during this time.

And then came November 5, 2008.   The world woke to a new day, a new time, a new beginning of such measure that we have not seen its kind until now.  And I watched and I cried, and I watched through the tears as the world rejoiced in a new America, an America that could be proud for finally looking past the color of someone’s skin and toward the possibility, toward the promise of a brighter future for all without regard for anything other than that they were human, that they were us.  I was touched by the fact that the dream of Martin Luther King Jr., the dream of all human kind has now become more than a glimmer of hope.  The light is shining brighter than ever, now.

I am excited by the possibility that this new beginning has to offer.  I know Barack Obama, those he surrounds himself with, and we have a filled agenda, and I also believe that as bad as things may be, there is great promise ahead, because even if we have further down to go, we can’t be that far from the bottom.  Things will begin to move in the other direction, soon.  The pendulum must begin to swing the other way, now.  And if we all believe that it will begin to get better, then it will.  We can make it so.

We must leave politics out of the equation.  This is not about left or right, Democrat or Republican.  They and we are all guilty of the mess we are in.  We must look past the blame and look toward the future.  And as long as we hold accountable those who promise us a change for the better, as long as we make sure that those in power, those who work for us, are not using faulty logic to emote votes for self-serving agendas, then we can all be proud of what we accomplish, because we will have done it together.

Today is a great day!


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