A Lesson of Intention

Many lessons we learn are painful. Actually, most lessons are painful because we learn best from mistakes or painful events rather than from successes. I recently learned an important lesson, one I hope with all my heart will allow for healing and lessons all around.

Most of us, I think, have heard the expression, “It’s the thought that counts.” We may also think that our best intentions are important, that when we do something with good intentions, that makes it okay even if what we do doesn’t turn out the way we wished. I have come to realize the fallacy of that thought. Perhaps I knew it already, in my soul, but in my mind I tried to justify my action, my decision because of my “good intention.” I thought I was being protective when the result was anything but. I violated a trust.

Intention means little when the outcome is painful for others and yourself. Intention means little when you allow it to cause you to behave in a way that is not genuine, not of your own truth, outside of your own integrity. Intention means little when it doesn’t honor another’s path, another’s journey to find truth and healing, another’s trust. Intention means little….

I share this with you, realizing it is a bit cryptic, to encourage you to tune in to your deepest connection with truth and spirit and love. I want you to never make this mistake, this mistake that I have made. I want you to always be open, fully open and honest, even if you fear the truth may hurt. Trust the other person enough to know that he or she can handle the truth. Trust yourself to know that even if the other person gets upset hearing the truth, that you both will be able to deal with it, to get to the other side of it, and that your relationship, as a result, will become even stronger.

The greatest pain, for me, is to feel the hurt and pain of the other. I do believe, I must believe, that once past this and able to fully understand all that this is here to teach, everything will be even better than before, even stronger. That, I believe with all my heart. That, I must believe….

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