Change is Natural

You need not be wrong or bad in order to make a change. When you first come from loving acceptance (of what is), then the positive changes you desire come more easily. Change, after all, is natural. I adapted the previous from something Louise Hay wrote, and I wanted to share this with you because, in my own experience, both professionally and personally, I realize the power of this concept.

Many people view change as difficult, and sometimes, even unnecessary. Have you heard the expression, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it?” That may not be exactly the way you heard it, but you get the meaning. Certainly we understand the notion that if something is working perfectly well, why change it. We can’t really fix something if it isn’t broken, right? My mother used to tell me to, “Leave well enough alone.” As a recovering perfectionist, I understand that, now. I also understand another perspective, one the Japanese call Kaizen. This philosophy is based on and also known as, “Continuous Improvement,” and W. Edwards Deming helped bring it to industry in Japan and later, around the world, by developing a system and processes based on statistical analysis.

Much of what causes people difficulty with change, is not only the belief, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but also the belief that change is difficult and painful. Actually, the change we find most difficult or painful is change we are forced to make, not change we initiate. So how can we use this knowledge to support our own, Kaizen, our own continuous improvement? How might we view change positively so that we can continue to evolve and live the best life, the life we deserve?

As important as it is to review our past mistakes and to do better, what I have learned is that if we concentrate on our mistakes, we will tend to repeat them. We will remain in the negative state associated with our “failings.” When we continue to focus on what is wrong, we end up getting more of what we don’t want. So, a more productive process is to look at what you’ve done well, on what has worked, on what you want more of. When you concentrate on what you want, and look to make small, incremental changes that get you closer to where you want to be, then the change you make is easy as well as positive. And the best part is, you don’t even have to think of there being anything wrong with you to make those positive changes. You can simply decide to be even better, every day. How cool is that?

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