The Present is a Gift You Give Yourself

Whenever you think of your life and your situation, do you always take full responsibility for it? When the economy is in a mess, as an example, isn’t it okay to blame external forces for our lack of joy or income?

There is no doubt that external forces have some influence on us. That being said, I think we must also admit that we often take the path of least resistance. Isn’t it easier to blame others (including the economy or some other external forces) than it is to take full responsibility for where we find ourselves? Surely if we are honest, the answer to that question must be, “Yes.”

What we believe (about ourselves, the economy, etc.) is more responsible for determining our future, and therefore our present, than all the external forces. When you find yourself unhappy and blame an external force, you are marginalizing your own power. That may be convenient and easy to do, but it doesn’t help your current situation and, in fact, will only prolong the situation you don’t want, will support and strengthen the disempowering belief, and will prevent you from having the life and joy you do want.

The best way to have the life you really want is to know that you deserve it, to believe you can achieve it, and to do all that you can, including believing in it and yourself, to make it come true. You may want to make a “Treasure Map” of all the things you want. Create a collage on poster board or simply keep a list of what you want your life to be like, including what you want to have (more than just material things). Imagine yourself living that life, and when something external happens, remember that you have the power to live the life you want regardless of external forces.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Those dreams and your belief in them and yourself create your present. You can give yourself a wonderful present by dreaming and believing beautiful things. How cool is that?

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