A Renewal, A Rebirth

In spring, the rains come, the flowers and trees blossom, lawns return to green, people are out in their yards and gardens preparing them to look their most beautiful, and many others go through closets, donating items they no longer wear or need to Sheltering Wings, Goodwill, or other worthy organizations. It is said that what one person casts away, another may treasure. Springtime is a time of renewal, a rebirthing of the earth’s treasures.

Do you treat your own wellbeing and the relationships in your life with the same level of care you give your garden? How might things be different, if you did? What might happen if you cultivated better, healthier habits and actively nurtured your relationships. If you cultivated the garden in your mind and body, might you blossom into a happier, healthier you?

The most important areas worthy of our attention, besides our own wellbeing, are the relationships we have with our children and our spouses (or life partners, significant others, etc.). And yet, many allow our lives to become so routine that we simply go through the motions rather than cultivating those vital relationships. What would happen to your yard if you just let it go? What would happen to your car if you ceased all maintenance?

What if we looked at springtime as a time for us, as the flowers and trees so naturally demonstrate, to become new again? What if we nurtured and fertilized the soil within our relationships so that they could continue to grow and even be reborn into something stronger and brighter than before? How might your children feel if you told them how proud you were of them, for an accomplishment, for an action or behavior? And how might your spouse feel if you reminded him or her (and yourself) what it was that first caused you to know the love you felt? Was it their voice, their smile, their eyes, or something only for the two of you?

What I believe is that it is all too easy to allow our lives to run us rather than for us to run our lives. When we take stock of where we are compared to where we want to be, it is never too late to change course, to cultivate all that is dear, and to live a life of joy. How cool is that?

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