The Difference You Make

Have you ever met someone who seems to be especially kind, yet humble?  Have you ever noticed that the most kind, helpful, and considerate people are also often the same people who have no idea how much they positively impact others?  Some of those special people are all around you, within your circle of friends or coworkers, and in your own home.


I believe that each of us has a greater impact on those around us than we know.  I believe that each of us contributes to the greater good without even trying, just because of who we are and that we are here.  We have learned that even a simple smile can positively affect another human being.  We know that a kind word to a stranger can make a significant difference to a person’s mood, and likely well beyond just that moment.

What if every day, before you walked out your door, you asked yourself, “What can I do today to make this world a better place, one person at a time?”  What if you viewed each person you came across as another soul who may need a kind word or a smile, and that when you offered just that moment of kindness and joy, you helped make the world a better place?  How great would it make you feel to know that by such a simple act of kindness, you made someone else’s day better?  Maybe you remember a day when you weren’t feeling all that great, and someone smiled or said something nice to you and it gave you a lift that made that day a bit brighter.

I know people who have no idea how important they are to others.  For some, it’s because they feel they are just being themselves, or they are mothers and that’s just what they are supposed to do.  Others are teachers or nurses and their calling is to serve, to be helpful and considerate and compassionate, and they are just doing their jobs.  The reality is that they are special people for that very reason.  Being kind and considerate and compassionate is just natural for them.  They are naturally special and make this world a better place.

What I know for sure is that you are one of those special people.  You make a difference and are making this world a better place, just because you are you.  You care about others, and you help others feel good about themselves by showing them some special qualities they possess or by helping them shine in some way.  What that clearly reveals is something about you.  What that clearly reveals is that you, yes you, are special too.  How cool is that?  Very!

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