From Writer to Author

I have been writing since I was in High School. Well, we’ve all been writing since early school years, but I mean the kind of writing that wasn’t part of a classroom or assignment. I wrote many poems when I was in High School – the typical adolescent angst, frantic, “I am lost and worthless,” kind of stuff that my mom threw out when I was away at college. I suppose it was probably good that she got rid of them, because though it would have been of interest to see how far I’ve come, it would have been an emotional journey I doubt would have truly served me. During the past several years, I’ve written many hundreds of articles that have been published in various papers, tabloids, and magazines, which has been quite fun and rewarding. I love to write, so I do.

I have finally finished a book that I had begun to work on nearly 20 years ago. frontcover2.submittedFinal_smallI am so happy it is ready for release, and I will be announcing the release date, soon, so stay tuned. It is a story that we all will relate to because we have all, in one way or another, felt the way the main character feels. We may not have experienced the very same things, but we have more than likely felt the same way or have known someone who has.  The lessons learned are lessons for all ages, and though it is written with youth in mind, parents and grandparents will benefit, also. The lessons, especially the main one, is a lesson that, when realized, will change the way we look at life, others, the world, and beyond.

My greatest wish is that it touches the readers and all who are exposed to it in such a way that it enhances their lives in ways they wouldn’t imagine possible from such a little book. Sometimes, little packages hold valuable contents.

2 thoughts on “From Writer to Author

  1. As I sit here with a very heavy heart & eyelids that have lost it’s battle holding back the flood gates…I still find myself caught up in your writing even though I have read this passage many times now. I for one am extremely anticipating the release date of your book. Wow, 20 years in the making. I know that it will have guided you through so many obstacles to get you where you are, right here, right now.
    Your words seem to jump off of the screen & hit me right in the heart. Your words of wisdom & hope for better days have gotten me through the last several weeks.
    Thank you for putting in so much time, effort & passion for everyone who listens.
    Blessings to you,

    • Trace, Thank you for sharing. I am sorry to hear of your heavy heart. What I have learned is that every experience, even the most painful, reveal valuable lessons, and that on the other side of the experience, we are stronger and wiser and more open to all the beauty that is possible. And so it is for you, too.

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