Why Talk to Karl?

My mission is to help people realize their true potential so they can live their dreams and to help businesses Profit in Harmony®. As the founder of RULE®, Profit in Harmony®, and as a clinical hypnotist, a speaker, and a writer, I touch many lives in different ways. My greatest joy comes from helping others realize how amazing they really are.

Most businesses around the world operate under a paradigm of scarcity and competition that actually hinders organizational health, value, and growth. The people who work for those organizations feel unappreciated, lethargic, and stuck. There is a growing number among the best of the best that realize there is a better way of conducting business – one that is based on cooperation and support rather than competition, on valuing relationships rather than squeezing the most out of people and suppliers. It is all about Leadership, beyond traditional leadership, and I call it Conscious Leadership.

Many give lip service to valuing their people and fostering an atmosphere of support and cooperation, but few live up to it. A study published in the Harvard Business Review showed that a 5% increase in customer loyalty resulted in profit improvements of between 25% and 85%. The study also showed that the relationship a company has with its customers is directly linked to the spirit of the employees who touch the customer. It is rather obvious, then, that it is good business to value your people and to “show it so they know it.”

I am not trying to convince anyone that my way is the right way. You do what you want. If, however, you want to learn some things that can help your business grow and can help your people be excited about working for your company, then this is a good place to be. If you work for a company that may benefit from talking with me, let me know or encourage your HR or Organizational Development folks to contact me.

If you think I’m way off the mark and that employees and staff ought to just do what they are told, then this is quite clearly not the place for you.

Regardless of where you stand, I wish you success.



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