For Smokers Who Want to Quit

Every smoker knows the truth about how bad cigarettes are for them – for their health, for the health of those around them, even for the well-being of the curtains and upholstery. Yet, they still smoke, and it isn’t because nicotine is so terribly addictive.

Forty minutes after the last puff, nicotine is out of the brain, and within 48-72 hours, the chemicals from cigarettes are out of the body at any effectual level. That means that the key to quitting has to do with the habit and the associations of smoking, not the chemical addiction. That is why hypnotism and NLP are so effective at helping people who want to quit to do so easily, with minimal to zero side-effects.

Several of my clients had tried gum, patches, and even prescription medications, and the vast majority of them quit after just one session, and the rest with a maximum of three sessions. That says more about the process and them than it does about me, but I’ll take some credit, too.

If you know a smoker who wants to stop, have them drop me a note or go to my web site, to learn more.

Quitting smoking can be easy and fun. There is no doubt that being a nonsmoker is a lot more fun than the alternative.

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Quick Note Awaiting a Rant

It is hard to believe I haven’t posted anything for a few months, but then I look at the last entry and realize how long it has been. When new content is lacking, traffic goes elsewhere, so no surprise you have been away about as long as I have.

Sometimes I have things to say and find other ways to express them – to different audiences. I’m not really one to rant, but I just might have some things in the works to rant about. I guess you’ll only know if you keep coming back, checking in periodically even when there seems to be no new content. You know that sometimes things are happening even when we can’t see things happening. Think of the bamboo or the large oak tree – above the surface, things seem to be progressing very slowly, but then….

So please keep checking back, sending me your comments and requests, visiting my various web sites, following me on Twitter, finding me on Facebook, and remembering that no matter what, you are important and loved.

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