Girls and Boys Unite to RULE® the World



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Many of you have given me the great honor of ordering my book, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of what I have learned so that others may benefit.

I have also been blessed with a few wonderful reviews on Amazon, and I am thrilled that the book is being so well received that some have taken the time to leave comments for others to see. It is the best chance we have to get the word out so that many others can learn and benefit from the story.

The power of the story and of your sharing your thoughts about the book with others is that the book can reach a wider audience. For those who haven’t read the book, it may inform you that I was guided, not only to write the book, but most importantly, about RULE® and all that it means. The real power is in YOU! The real power to change the world is not in me or the book, but in every girl and boy who grows up to RULE® the world.

Given all that is going on in the world today, regardless of which “side” you are on, chances are that you and I will see much change over the course of the next several years, and if it is to be change for the better, it will be our children and their children who will not only make the changes that last well beyond our days, but who will live to benefit most from those changes. Is it not, then, vital for our children and those even younger who are just now beginning to develop their ideas, beliefs, and their voices, to understand the truth about who they are, about the power and responsibility they possess, and that RULE® in its purest form is a great place to start?

We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be. We are only defined by our past if we allow that to be. Let us, every girl and boy, unite to RULE® the world.


Today is the Day!

This is the special launch day for my first book, The boy who grew up to RULE® the world & how You can too!

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I appreciate all the support! We have moved up the charts to 171st, last count, and I hope to get in the top 100 before the end of the day.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


The Many Forms of Mercy

In my previous post I shared the experience of an ER visit and resulting surgery to implant a pacemaker due to third degree heart block with complications. When I wrote that, what had not yet returned to my memory was an incident that happened while I was in the ER. I wanted to share it with you now because I believe it is an example of how mercy in our lives takes many forms.

One of the ways we are protected by God, the Angels, our Guides, and whomever or whatever else we believe are by our side, is to limit our memory and our sensory awareness during and after traumatic events. And so it was that a couple weeks out of the hospital and into my recovery, I was struck by a memory of my time in the ER. As the memory surfaced, I recalled it as vividly as if it had happened just moments before, and I even reflected back to the time I was in the ER and said to myself, “Yea, I remember that!”

Swarmed n the ER in "Hallway 13"

Swarmed n the ER in “Hallway 13”

I was lying on the gurney in the ER, all hooked up to monitors with the doctors, nurses, and techs running around, and up walked this nicely dressed man with an ID hanging from his neck that read, “IU Health/Chaplain.” He looked at me and looked around, and then looked back at me. He looked up and off to my side, as if directing his attention to someone off to my left, and he said, “Does anyone need Last Rites?” He then looked back at me. I smiled broadly, and as if I was the one he really wanted to hear from, I said with a laugh, “Not me!” He smiled back. A few seconds later, another chaplain appeared and walked over to the first man. The second man, now with his back to me, both of them standing near the foot of my gurney, began talking with the first chaplain, who would occasionally glance over at me. Within a couple minutes, the second chaplain walked off without looking at or saying anything to me. The first chaplain looked over at me again, smiled, and said something like, “Have a nice day.” I said, “You too,” with a smile. I was planning on it!

What I realized, with increasing emotion as that memory unfolded, was that the chaplain had been called there because of me. After playing the scene all the way through, that notion hit me like a ton of bricks as my eyes filled with tears, and I felt more grateful and so blessed to be alive, to have been in such good care, and that, by the Grace of God and the Mercy of All who protect me, I am alive and well and did not need Last Rites.

We are so completely protected by God and the Universe, and my Angels knew I  was not ready to go, that I have too much yet to do, and in order to make sure I was okay, they kept that memory hidden for the few weeks I needed to get stronger before they brought it back to my consciousness. I also needed that memory to return so that I could realize, even more than I already had, how protected and loved I am, and how grateful I am to be here, on this planet, able to share lessons I’ve learned so that others may benefit.quo_edickinson

Next time your memory seems to fade or you have trouble remembering something, perhaps it may not really be a bad thing. Perhaps there is little reason for you to remember what it is you are trying so hard to remember. Maybe you are being protected for some reason, because you are certainly loved and protected, too. When you allow the fluidity of life and mercy and grace to flow, life can be simply awesome! How cool is that!

A Lesson of Intention

Many lessons we learn are painful. Actually, most lessons are painful because we learn best from mistakes or painful events rather than from successes. I recently learned an important lesson, one I hope with all my heart will allow for healing and lessons all around.

Most of us, I think, have heard the expression, “It’s the thought that counts.” We may also think that our best intentions are important, that when we do something with good intentions, that makes it okay even if what we do doesn’t turn out the way we wished. I have come to realize the fallacy of that thought. Perhaps I knew it already, in my soul, but in my mind I tried to justify my action, my decision because of my “good intention.” I thought I was being protective when the result was anything but. I violated a trust.

Intention means little when the outcome is painful for others and yourself. Intention means little when you allow it to cause you to behave in a way that is not genuine, not of your own truth, outside of your own integrity. Intention means little when it doesn’t honor another’s path, another’s journey to find truth and healing, another’s trust. Intention means little….

I share this with you, realizing it is a bit cryptic, to encourage you to tune in to your deepest connection with truth and spirit and love. I want you to never make this mistake, this mistake that I have made. I want you to always be open, fully open and honest, even if you fear the truth may hurt. Trust the other person enough to know that he or she can handle the truth. Trust yourself to know that even if the other person gets upset hearing the truth, that you both will be able to deal with it, to get to the other side of it, and that your relationship, as a result, will become even stronger.

The greatest pain, for me, is to feel the hurt and pain of the other. I do believe, I must believe, that once past this and able to fully understand all that this is here to teach, everything will be even better than before, even stronger. That, I believe with all my heart. That, I must believe….

A Lesson Learned – More About Lessons

Each of us has a story to tell. Each of us has endured hardships, experienced wonderful moments, and has fallen down to then get up. It is the power of the human spirit, or is there more? I believe there is more, but for now I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned that may help you navigate your life with more joy.

I grew up in Denmark and The Netherlands, even though I was born in New York. I learned how to read and write English as a ten year old, and it wasn’t easy. During a good part of my childhood, I felt like an outsider because no matter where we lived (we had moved nine or ten times by the time I was 12), I was the new kid or the foreign kid. Suffice it to say, I always felt I was on the outside looking in.

Without going into detail about what happened during those years and later, what I have realized is that each and every experience I had, whether it was pleasant or seemingly devastating at the time, allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I am still growing, still learning, and I am quite happy with who I am. Most of us realize that we learn from the experiences of life, but do we use that knowledge? I believe the most powerful lesson of all is to believe, especially when in the midst of what seems like something devastating, that what we are experiencing is actually a blessing, a gift. If you believed that to be true, how might that change your life?

When we change the way we look at our world, then the way we experience our world changes. If everything that happened to you were, somehow, for your benefit, would you respond differently to any given situation? When we experience an unpleasant event, we might feel hurt or despair. We tend to not think about how wonderful we’ll feel and how much we will have learned once the event is over. If, on the other hand, we acknowledge the experience and our emotions and then focus on how much we will have learned, how much stronger we will be, and how much better our lives will be once we have moved past that event, then we can feel hopeful, perhaps even excited about what is to come.

Sometimes we are reminded and tested, and it may not be easy or comfortable. It may even be hard and evoke painful emotions. The blessing is, that when we are able to be true to who we really are and to get to the other side of it with our most loving intentions intact, we can be proud of lessons learned. What comes next is the realization that there is nothing we cannot manifest. Your wildest dreams are but a few winks away. How cool is that? ❤

The best is yet to come!