It Will Be Over Soon & New Beginnings

Greetings, once again!  It seems that each time I write, I first apologize for my lengthy absence – let this suffice.

The election is almost here, and I am thrilled about that.  I think we have two impressive people to choose from, though I am not particularly eager to vote for either.  Senator McCain is a true hero who has served this nation with courage and commitment, but I think the Republican Party is out of touch with the country, and I don’t like some of their policies and positions.  Senator Obama is an inspirational choice, a highly intelligent and thoughtful man, and I am strongly opposed to some of his positions.  The negative campaigning by both sides is fully distasteful to me, and even though many experts say it comes with the territory, I find that a lame excuse for being disrespectful and contrary to any sense of decent behavior.

Perhaps a great way to regain some civility in the process may be to go back to creating a coalition; the person who wins becomes president, and the person who comes in second becomes vice-president.  They would be forced to work together, to cross the divide in Congress, to work for the country rather than their party.

I put my faith in the balance of power and trust that whatever happens, it will be for the best.  I actually think the president has less power than we would like to think, so it may not matter that much, though I do believe that when the same party has the majority and holds the White House, the pendelum can swing rather far to one side, and that is likely not great for the overall good.  I won’t bore you being specific about the issues with which I take issue, but let me just say that I like certain things about each ticket and certain things about each ticket I do not like.  For most of us, I believe, we will be making a choice based on those issues we hold most dear.  That makes sense, though I also believe we must consider those issues that have the greatest impact on our nation and the world, not just those that are near and dear to our own hearts.

So on November 4, 2008, I will cast a ballot, and I have yet to know for whom it will be.  There are good reasons to vote for either, and no matter for whom you cast your ballot, take pride in standing up for what you believe and for taking part in this historic election.

Please write with any comments.  I always enjoy hearing from you!

All the best,