The Many Forms of Mercy

In my previous post I shared the experience of an ER visit and resulting surgery to implant a pacemaker due to third degree heart block with complications. When I wrote that, what had not yet returned to my memory was an incident that happened while I was in the ER. I wanted to share it with you now because I believe it is an example of how mercy in our lives takes many forms.

One of the ways we are protected by God, the Angels, our Guides, and whomever or whatever else we believe are by our side, is to limit our memory and our sensory awareness during and after traumatic events. And so it was that a couple weeks out of the hospital and into my recovery, I was struck by a memory of my time in the ER. As the memory surfaced, I recalled it as vividly as if it had happened just moments before, and I even reflected back to the time I was in the ER and said to myself, “Yea, I remember that!”

Swarmed n the ER in "Hallway 13"

Swarmed n the ER in “Hallway 13”

I was lying on the gurney in the ER, all hooked up to monitors with the doctors, nurses, and techs running around, and up walked this nicely dressed man with an ID hanging from his neck that read, “IU Health/Chaplain.” He looked at me and looked around, and then looked back at me. He looked up and off to my side, as if directing his attention to someone off to my left, and he said, “Does anyone need Last Rites?” He then looked back at me. I smiled broadly, and as if I was the one he really wanted to hear from, I said with a laugh, “Not me!” He smiled back. A few seconds later, another chaplain appeared and walked over to the first man. The second man, now with his back to me, both of them standing near the foot of my gurney, began talking with the first chaplain, who would occasionally glance over at me. Within a couple minutes, the second chaplain walked off without looking at or saying anything to me. The first chaplain looked over at me again, smiled, and said something like, “Have a nice day.” I said, “You too,” with a smile. I was planning on it!

What I realized, with increasing emotion as that memory unfolded, was that the chaplain had been called there because of me. After playing the scene all the way through, that notion hit me like a ton of bricks as my eyes filled with tears, and I felt more grateful and so blessed to be alive, to have been in such good care, and that, by the Grace of God and the Mercy of All who protect me, I am alive and well and did not need Last Rites.

We are so completely protected by God and the Universe, and my Angels knew I  was not ready to go, that I have too much yet to do, and in order to make sure I was okay, they kept that memory hidden for the few weeks I needed to get stronger before they brought it back to my consciousness. I also needed that memory to return so that I could realize, even more than I already had, how protected and loved I am, and how grateful I am to be here, on this planet, able to share lessons I’ve learned so that others may benefit.quo_edickinson

Next time your memory seems to fade or you have trouble remembering something, perhaps it may not really be a bad thing. Perhaps there is little reason for you to remember what it is you are trying so hard to remember. Maybe you are being protected for some reason, because you are certainly loved and protected, too. When you allow the fluidity of life and mercy and grace to flow, life can be simply awesome! How cool is that!

How Do You Get What You Want?

Getting what you want is not all about “things” and “stuff.” We all want and deserve more than just material possessions, though those are nice, too. What we also want and deserve, among other things, is to be heard, to have loving relationships, to feel valued and respected, and to live joyful lives. So how do we get all that we want?

Much has been written and spoken about the Law of Attraction, and there remain many misconceptions for a variety of reasons. What I want to do here is to give you the simple truth and simple steps to attract more of what you want in your life. The first and most fundamental simple truth is that it all starts in your mind, with what you believe and continue to tell yourself to be true. If you believe you deserve to have a joyful life and loving relationships, and if your inner-voice continues to affirm that belief, then you will attract others with similar beliefs and, thereby, those attributes in your life.

You may be thinking, “That sounds too simple…,” and that may be true. The more difficult part is continuing to believe when events in your life don’t seem to reflect what you want. The key is to continue believing, because the truth is you do deserve, and good things will come to you. To this end, the second simple truth is to want what you have. Wanting what you have is essentially being grateful for what you have, and the power lies in gratitude. Being grateful not only for what you have but also for what your life is teaching you, is a powerful affirmation that you deserve. When you continue to believe that you deserve the best of life even when things seem difficult, and when you continue to be grateful, even for those difficult times because you learn and grow from those times, then you are living a life that will reward you with all that the best life has to offer.quo_edickinson


One of my teachers and mentors, Helene Rothschild, wrote, “The truth is, no matter what anyone says or does…you deserve to be happy, healthy, and successful!” The truth is, to realize the life you want and deserve in all its glory, you must believe that you deserve it with every part of your being. You must continue to believe that you deserve the best life, regardless of any events that seem contrary. When you truly believe that you deserve the life you have dreamt of, and when you live congruently with that belief in every way, you will realize that dreams really do come true. How cool is that?

A Renewal, A Rebirth

In spring, the rains come, the flowers and trees blossom, lawns return to green, people are out in their yards and gardens preparing them to look their most beautiful, and many others go through closets, donating items they no longer wear or need to Sheltering Wings, Goodwill, or other worthy organizations. It is said that what one person casts away, another may treasure. Springtime is a time of renewal, a rebirthing of the earth’s treasures.

Do you treat your own wellbeing and the relationships in your life with the same level of care you give your garden? How might things be different, if you did? What might happen if you cultivated better, healthier habits and actively nurtured your relationships. If you cultivated the garden in your mind and body, might you blossom into a happier, healthier you?

The most important areas worthy of our attention, besides our own wellbeing, are the relationships we have with our children and our spouses (or life partners, significant others, etc.). And yet, many allow our lives to become so routine that we simply go through the motions rather than cultivating those vital relationships. What would happen to your yard if you just let it go? What would happen to your car if you ceased all maintenance?

What if we looked at springtime as a time for us, as the flowers and trees so naturally demonstrate, to become new again? What if we nurtured and fertilized the soil within our relationships so that they could continue to grow and even be reborn into something stronger and brighter than before? How might your children feel if you told them how proud you were of them, for an accomplishment, for an action or behavior? And how might your spouse feel if you reminded him or her (and yourself) what it was that first caused you to know the love you felt? Was it their voice, their smile, their eyes, or something only for the two of you?

What I believe is that it is all too easy to allow our lives to run us rather than for us to run our lives. When we take stock of where we are compared to where we want to be, it is never too late to change course, to cultivate all that is dear, and to live a life of joy. How cool is that?


For those of you who have been to or who are thinking of visiting my web site, you may notice some quotes on each of several pages. One of my favorites is by Emily Dickinson, in which she says, “Dwell in Possibility.” As simple as this is, it is a profound thought, one more powerful than she may have ever imagined. Another favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Both of these quotes cause us to think beyond our daily routine, beyond our lives as we see them, and that is powerful.

It is perfectly understandable that because our lives are so busy, so hectic, we have little time to dream. Actually, we have time, but most of us won’t take or make the time to dream. What if you took the time to dream, to dwell in what might be possible for you? What might you dream about, and what new possibilities could open up for you to accomplish?

When you were young, quite young, you may have had some dreams, and along the way, life happened. You may have shared your dreams with a family member or teacher or a good friend. It is possible that some of them may have been something less than enthusiastic and supportive. At some point, you may have begun to believe that maybe they were right and that you should be more realistic and practical and get on with your life, to do what normal people do. Perhaps you could no longer see yourself in that dream, and you may have forgotten it altogether.

That scenario has played out for many of us, and there is really nothing wrong with it. We have all done the best we could with what we had available to us (knowledge, wisdom, maturity) at the time. Those who were negative were so because at the time, that was all they knew. I know some parents may have seemed negative, not because they were really negative, but because they didn’t want their children to be disappointed upon a failure. Looking back, they may now have a different perspective.

The truth is that everything that exists today, even every convenience we take for granted and can’t imagine doing without, started as a dream, a glimmer, a mere possibility, often just a dream, a thought. So, what are you going to dream about? What might be possible for you if nothing else could get in the way? If you could imagine that everything you thought you had to do has been done, that now it is your time to create your life the way you want it, what might you dream? Dream big! When you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll be among the stars. How cool is that?

A Lesson Learned – More About Lessons

Each of us has a story to tell. Each of us has endured hardships, experienced wonderful moments, and has fallen down to then get up. It is the power of the human spirit, or is there more? I believe there is more, but for now I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned that may help you navigate your life with more joy.

I grew up in Denmark and The Netherlands, even though I was born in New York. I learned how to read and write English as a ten year old, and it wasn’t easy. During a good part of my childhood, I felt like an outsider because no matter where we lived (we had moved nine or ten times by the time I was 12), I was the new kid or the foreign kid. Suffice it to say, I always felt I was on the outside looking in.

Without going into detail about what happened during those years and later, what I have realized is that each and every experience I had, whether it was pleasant or seemingly devastating at the time, allowed me to grow into the person I am today. I am still growing, still learning, and I am quite happy with who I am. Most of us realize that we learn from the experiences of life, but do we use that knowledge? I believe the most powerful lesson of all is to believe, especially when in the midst of what seems like something devastating, that what we are experiencing is actually a blessing, a gift. If you believed that to be true, how might that change your life?

When we change the way we look at our world, then the way we experience our world changes. If everything that happened to you were, somehow, for your benefit, would you respond differently to any given situation? When we experience an unpleasant event, we might feel hurt or despair. We tend to not think about how wonderful we’ll feel and how much we will have learned once the event is over. If, on the other hand, we acknowledge the experience and our emotions and then focus on how much we will have learned, how much stronger we will be, and how much better our lives will be once we have moved past that event, then we can feel hopeful, perhaps even excited about what is to come.

Sometimes we are reminded and tested, and it may not be easy or comfortable. It may even be hard and evoke painful emotions. The blessing is, that when we are able to be true to who we really are and to get to the other side of it with our most loving intentions intact, we can be proud of lessons learned. What comes next is the realization that there is nothing we cannot manifest. Your wildest dreams are but a few winks away. How cool is that? ❤

The best is yet to come!